Margaret M. Perlis From ForbesMargaret M. Perlis discusses 5 characteristics of grit.  She writes “The characteristics of grit outlined below include Duckworth’s findings as well as some that defy measurement. Duckworth herself is the first to say that the essence of grit remains elusive. It has hundreds of correlates, with nuances and anomalies, and your level depends on the expression of their interaction at any given point. Sometimes it is stronger, sometimes weaker, but the constancy of your tenacity is based on the degree to which you can access, ignite, and control it. So here are a few of the more salient characteristics to see how you measure up….”

The 5 characteristics she identified are:

  • Courage
  • Conscientiousness: Achievement Oriented vs. Dependable
  • Long-Term Goals and Endurance: Follow Through
  • Resilience: Optimism, Confidence, and Creativity
  • Excellence vs. Perfection

She asks “Are there any others you’d add? By definition, passion is critical, but what role do you think it plays? I am sure that Duckworth will continue to explore and share the distinctions in the years to come, but I’d love to hear your thoughts….”

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