The Two Word Trick For Becoming More Creative

From Time, Erik Barker writes about little bets -- an experiment to test a theory that doesn't risk losing too much.  This reminds me of Action Trumps Everything in which the authors recommend taking a small smart step, learn from the experience, and incorporate what you learned in the next step.  Little bets is a similar [...]

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Leadership and Self Deception — getting out of the box

  cover via Amazon Leadership and Self Deception -- getting out of the box by the Arbinger Institute is an interesting book that relays its messages through a narrative.  The main part of the book is a discussion among a new executive to a thriving organization and two senior executives and the founder.  It [...]

Ready to be a Thought Leader? How to increase Your Influence, Impact, and Success by Denise Brosseau

In Ready to be a Thought Leader? How to increase Your Influence, Impact, and Success, Denise Brosseau provides excellent guidance on how to become a thought leader. She presents a well-thought-out roadmap, breaks it down into manageable steps and shares stories of inspiring people who are models for the behavior. These stories both demonstrate that [...]

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Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future by Dorie Clark

If you are interested in personal branding, you should read and follow Dorie Clark.  Period.  There are many other good resources available, but Dorie is one of the top people to follow in this area. Read her on Harvard Business Review and Forbes; follow her on Facebook and Twitter and not only read her posts, but see what she [...]

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Is career warfare the way to get ahead?

In a previous post, I supported and wrote about Adam Grant's theory that givers with ambition will be more successful than others.  Then I saw Career Warfare: 10 Rules for Building a Successful Personal Brand and Fighting to Keep It by David F. D’Alessandro and wondered if getting ahead requires warfare instead of generosity.  The good [...]

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Will Being a Giver Make You Successful?

Adam Grant in his book Give and Take:  a Revolutionary Approach to Success argues that a Giver – a person who likes to help others – can be successful or not depending on how highly s/he value their own interests in addition to their generosity to others.  He argues that self-interest and other-interest (being generous and [...]

Do You Want To Fascinate More??

Start by visiting Sally Hogshead’s website,  or, or read her book Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation.  I started with her book, which I liked so much that I went to her websites, and took the Fascination Advantage Test and received the Fascination Advantage Report.  The Report was as good if not better [...]

Power and Influence by John Kotter

Had I read Power and Influence:  Beyond Formal Authority by John Kotter, published in 1985, sooner, perhaps I might have avoided some of the pitfalls and frustrations that I have encountered in my career.  Kotter offers many helpful observations and theories.  There are three, in particular, on which I want to focus:  the importance of [...]

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