Living with Your Hands Off Your Ears

TEDxFlint – Peter Bregman – Living With Your Hands Off Your Ears – YouTube.  This is a Tedx talk by Peter Bregman in which he relates his personal stories to illustrate that learning comes from taking your hands off your ears.  Nathan S. Gibson Peter Bregman photo

He starts the talk with two stories about his daughter.  In the first one, his daughter falls face-first in the snow and then starts exploring the snow.  Peter describes this as the way we learn.  We fall face-first and then explore our failure.  He then describes a situation where his daughter covers her ears when she doesn’t want to talk about something.  This is where she didn’t learn anything — when she covered her ears.  The overarching theme of his talk is that to learn, you have to take your hands off  your ears and endure the pain that comes from failing.  It is an excellent talk and I’ve watched it many times.