A long time ago, I was given a copy of Management Time:  Who’s Got the Monkey? (originally published in 1974) Harvard Business Review "Who's Got the Monkey?" and immediately thought it was one of the best articles on management I had read.  While I didn’t keep a copy of it at the time, it stayed with me.  Over the years, I came across other articles that I thought were particularly good and eventually started saving hard copies by putting them in a folder or taking notes and keeping hard copies of my notes.  With the development of scanning equipment, the internet and numerous other technological advances, it has become possible to store copies of articles electronically.  Now, it is even easier because I can just store links to articles that I like.  And so I started this website blog as a way of taking notes on articles, books and other material and sharing what I thought were worthwhile materials.

I have started collecting resources about grit and “whatever you are, be a good one” because I believe that grit is a key component of success and everyone should be good at what they do.  I hope to add pages about storytelling, taking initiative and influence/power.  I expect that some of  these topics may only be of interest to me, but I hope that others will find the collection of resources useful.

Please note that I have not and do not expect to criticize or write substantially negative reviews about any books or articles.  I have read a number of books/articles which I didn’t particularly like but see no reason to share those opinions.  I agree with Sam Rayburn when he said “Any jackass can knock down barn door, but it takes a carpenter to build one.”  If someone did the work to write a book and get it published, I am not going to be the one to knock it down.  If you are looking for critical review of books or articles, this is not the place.  I may offer suggestions from time to time, but I only write about books and articles that I recommend.

Please let know if you have suggestions, thoughts or comments.

Thank you.


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