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Researchers urge caution in using measures of students’ ‘non-cognitive’ skills for teacher evaluation

From, Angela Duckworth and David Scott Yeager urge caution in using current measurement criteria for evaluating programs and policies.  This article reports: "Policymakers and practitioners have grown increasingly interested in measures of personal qualities other than cognitive ability—including self-control, grit, growth mindset, gratitude, purpose, emotional intelligence, and other beneficial personal qualities—that lead to student [...]

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Beyond Talent and Smarts: Why Even Geniuses Struggle

From KWED News, Annie Murphy Paul writes about the debate between practice and natural ability.  Annie writes: "Americans have a complicated relationship with this kind of relentless striving. We extol the virtues of hard work even as we idolize the “natural,” the star who effortlessly achieves, who wins the race without breaking a sweat. The writer [...]

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How to get kids to take academic risks

From the Washington Post, Valerie Strauss shares the 6th in a series of essays about letting students struggle in class.  She shares the essay by Valerie May who talks about her biology class in relation to Carol Dweck's growth mindset.  She writes: "The power of Dweck’s theory lies in a teacher’s ability to help students shift [...]

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Growth Mindset – More Evidence

Alex Quigley discusses recent studies that add to the knowledge about interventions to teach students about a growth mindset and provide guidance for future efforts.  Alex discusses recent research from the University of Portsmouth and says: "There were some positive findings of two months gain in learning relative to those students who didn’t receive the growth [...]

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No quick fix for pupils with a fixed mindset about their own intelligence

From The Conversation, Heather Rolfe discusses a study which looked at the effect of classroom interventions teaching the concept of a growth mindset over the course of year.  Heather reports that they found no statistically significant impact of the interventions.  Yet she remains optimistic about the potential for growth mindset interventions.  Heather writes: "The findings might [...]

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Cultivating Grit

Rebecca Parker discusses ways in which you can cultivate Grit.  Rebecca writes:   Goals that require consistent application of effort over a long period of time – especially when the finish line is ambiguous or unknown – frequently go unaccomplished because most people lose steam, give up, or get distracted. Long-term goals require motivation, passion, [...]

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Jerry’s brother, Dale Gibson, remembers Jerry Gibson

Jerry Gibson and Dale Gibson at 40 Smith Heights Way, Eastham My brother, Jerry, was nearly 6 years old when I was born in 1935. Aside from my parents, he is probably the most important influence in my early life. I was the third boy born into our family. Along with Dave and [...]

Do Growth Mindsets Spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S for National Spelling Bee Competitors?

From Education Week, Evie Blad writes questions whether growth mindsets led to success in the National Spelling Bee.  Evie writes: "The concept I'm referring to is called growth mindset, popularized by Stanford University Professor Carol Dweck. Here's how Dweck describes the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset: "In a fixed mindset, people [...]

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Why a Growth Mindset is Essential for Learning

From One Month, Sarah Peck writes about why having a growth mindset is a key to learning. Having a growth mindset means that you believe that you can change by working on what you want to change.  Sarah writes: "Three ways a growth mindset shows up in learning: Once you know the difference between a [...]

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Fieldcrest Elementary School: Growth Mindset —

Carol Dweck's terrific research on the value of developing a growth mindset should be incorporated by teachers in their classrooms to help students develop a growth mindset.  Part of developing a growth mindset is revising self-talk -- teaching students how to talk to themselves both when things go well and when things don't go so [...]

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