Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation | Video on TED.com.  This is a great talk at a Ted conference by Daniel Pink.  Daniel Pink also elaborates on his ideas in his book Drive.  This talk is amusing and insightful.  He recounts a number of studies and experiments that demonstrate that contrary to popular belief, performance is not improved when there is a promise of a bonus.  Dan provides an excellent summary of the research on motivation — the science of motivation — and how rewards like bonuses narrow focus and creativity.

Dan also presents his ideas as to the source of intrinsic motivation.

Daniel Pink - PopTech 2007 - Camden, ME

Daniel Pink – PopTech 2007 – Camden, ME (Photo credit: Kris Krug)

  • autonomy (the need to direct our own lives);
  • mastery (the need to learn and create new things);
  • purpose (the need to do better by ourselves in our world)

These are excellent sources of motivation.  It is best to remember that you cannot motivate someone else:  you can find out what motivates them and tap into it.

See also RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

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